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Главная » 2009 » Март » 4 » QuestHelper rus v.0.89 для WLK 3.0.9
QuestHelper rus v.0.89 для WLK 3.0.9

Это один из самых лучших и полезных аддонов, вкратце - он показывает на карте куда идти и что делать, для прохождения квестов!

Cкачать c letitbit


<!--uzc-->Version 0.89 2/18/2009
Fixed horrifying bug in object collection that resulted in a huge amount of missing data. Sigh. Please submit your files after you've quested a bit with this version, I can really use them. (/qh submit)       
Fixed mistake in the design for data compression that makes it a little tricky to update version numbers       
While I was at it, fixed up some issues with object collection causing it to collect things that weren't actually objects       
Took a shot at cleaning up the saved objects       
Version 0.88 2/18/2009
Compress old collected data. Should reduce memory requirements substantially, after a period of time in which it uses far more memory than it used to. May also improve load speed.       
         * Quick bit of documentation here, embedded in the changelist file like all good documentation:
         * "/qh top" will tell you what it has left to do - it'll say (4 uncompressed IDs) at the end of the last line. If it doesn't say that, it doesn't have anything left to compress.
         * "/qh top perf" will tell you if it's currently compressing - if it has uncompressed IDs, and it's spent any time in the "compress" function, then it's currently busy compressing.
         * In general you shouldn't care, though memory use will spike a bit while it's compressing.
Add some extra data I need to actually cull old data in the future, which should reduce memory usage further (once I implement it)       
Trying to track down and fix the collect_spec.lua issue. Do you use a PowerPC Mac? Get in touch with me! I want you to help me debug this!       
Maybe fix the tracker.lua compare-nil-with-number issue       
Standard db/translation update       
Version 0.87 2/11/2009
Update translations       
Update database       
Fix a bug in the merchant data recorder       

I've heard reports of a new bug in 3.0.9. I can't duplicate it, and nobody's given me "/qh error" reports yet. Get those bug reports in if you're having trouble.       
Version 0.86 2/2/2009
Fixed a glitch in error recording that may have been causing excess CPU and RAM usage       
Cleared out old error data to save people's RAM       
Possibly fix the old tracker.lua assert error. Possibly make it worse! IT IS AN ADVENTURE TO ALL       
Rig it to be a little more durable versus InventoryOnPar       
More private server data removed <img src="http://s8.ucoz.net/sm/1/sad.gif" border="0" align="absmiddle" alt="sad">       
Nag people to update significantly more rarely       
Version 0.85 1/24/2009
Fixed a large pile of small bugs.       

At this point I'm mostly just maintaining this version while I do work on another branch. You won't see any new features for a while, but rest assured there's a lot being worked on. I do finally have my error collection code working properly, so I'm going to be patching up the most common bugs to make QH rock-solid.       
Version 0.84 1/16/2009
Add the concept of "default parameters" to preferences so I don't have to unilaterally screw with people's preferences again. This change may also screw with people's preferences. Go find that picture of Picard covering his face in frustration, that's the expression I'm making right now.       
Possibly fix that ancient nilposition error       
A few cleanups and improvements to the data collection code       
Maybe fix that reported lag issue with the third phase of Malygos. Maybe not. I don't have access to a raiding group, so I honestly can't tell you if it's fixed. I sort of wildly guessed at the problem, and then wildly guessed at a fix, so . . . yeah! Let me know!       
Version 0.83 1/13/2009
Filter out the "hidden quests" warning if you have the zone, done, or watched filters on. Still getting false positives on it? Tell me! I want to know what it is doing wrong. I'm trying to rig it so it Just Plain Works in 99% of cases, and then I'll add an option to disable it in the remaining 1%. If I add the option now, everyone will just be annoyed and use the option and I won't get the information I need. Tell me what you're doing to cause it to show up unnecessarily!       
Little extra debug code to try solving a problem       
DB update, of course.       
Lots of stuff going on behind the scenes! Trust me. It's there. I am *weaving code into bolts of awesome*       
Version 0.82 1/8/2009
More debug output for the "improperly installed" error so I can figure out WTF is going on       
Bump the default level filter for quests up to +3, and bump people's preferences to +3 if they're at the current default of +2 (if you really wanted +2, sorry, change it back after the first load, it'll only do it once)       
(unless there's a bug I guess, fingers crossed)       
Add a notification that there may be filtered quests if the tracker isn't full and there's quests filtered. I think it will work, it's a bit hacky. Will it annoy people? Who knows! Let me know if you find it helpful/annoying/attractive/corn-laden/whatever.       
Version 0.81 1/7/2009
Rip out more private server data (ffs stop submitting that)       
Add merchant tracking code       
Try to fix the excessive-diffs issue again (I think I got it this time)       
Small bugfixes       
Standard database updates       
Version 0.80 1/3/2009
Database update       
Translation update       
Move translations into their own directory       
Get rid of yet more private server data (stop submitting that)       
Possible fix of the excessive-diffs error       
Remove some accidentally-left-in debug output       
Version 0.79 12/28/2008
You can stop reading here, nothing below this line will be of any interest to anyone. Seriously. This is one of the longest and most boring set of changes I've ever done.       
Updated many translations       
Gathering a lot more data about quests       
Fix a potential minor bug involving not updating the player's level for an unfortunate amount of time       
Update some documentation       
Split out Bitstream into a file usable by Collect       
Add a timer notifier for Collect       
Record item-equip data       
Fix a lot of missing boot profiling entries       
Add an about panel       
See, I told you that was boring. Now let's see if it crashes constantly or not! Go to work, oblivious beta testers! Test my code for me under the guise of a stable release!       
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